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Total Personal Health Management Software

Life Form is a Windows Software product designed to help users easily track their health. In Life Form there are eight different tabs. Each tab tracks different types of information about your health.


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The Information page lets you store basic details about you and the medical professionals who care for you. Using this page, you can keep track of your current doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, insurance policies, emergency numbers, and special medical conditions. You can easily print your information so you can keep a copy near the phone or leave your children's data with the baby-sitter in case of emergency.


If you're like most Americans, you've tried to keep track of the foods you eat at least once in your life. Whether your motivation has been to count calories, track fat consumption, or evaluate your general nutrition, you've probably found that keeping accurate records is not only time-consuming, but next to impossible. Not with Life Form. Entering the foods you eat is quick and simple thanks to Life Form's "Smart Search".

Find the Foods You Eat

Not only is Life Form fast, but it is also thorough. By using the Food page, you can track each and every food, calorie, and fat gram you consume. Life Form contains a database of nutrient values for over 13,000 foods, including many items found on your supermarket's shelves, in your favorite fast food restaurants, and in grandma's old cookbook. You record your meals by selecting foods from this database or adding foods and recipes of your own. You can even edit existing foods and recipes to reflect your personal preferences.

What Nutrition Information Does Life Form Track?

Life Form tracks the nutrition information found on the Nutrition Facts label. This includes: calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. You can view information for individual foods and groups of foods by composition or in the Nutrition Facts label format. You can also view information for each meal and each day, as well as the average daily consumption for each week. Later, you can review this history from day to day, week to week, or year to year to analyze changes and consistencies in your eating habits.



For those who exercise regularly, Life Form's Exercise page provides an easy way to record information and monitor training programs. The Exercise Journal lets you keep a detailed history of your exercise activity.

When you enter exercises in the journal, Life Form estimates the number of calories you burn. Even if you never enter an exercise, Life Form displays an estimate of your daily caloric expenditure using information you provide in the User Setup.

Life Form takes into account your age, height, weight, sex, activity level, and heart rate or intensity in calculating your calories burned. We have estimated intensities for nearly 50 exercises. If your favorite exercise doesn't appear in the list, you can add it quickly and easily.


As you begin to take control of your health, you may find that your body begins to change. You may lose or gain weight, increase muscle tissue, decrease fatty tissue, or lower your blood pressure. You may become more aware of physiological changes, such as variations in body temperature or resting heart rate. Life Form's Measurements page provides an easy way to track data relating to your body's shape, size, and form. Using the items in the Measurements list, you can keep a record of changes in your height and weight and even monitor fluctuations in your shirt or dress size.


In an effort to take control of their health, millions of Americans are paying close attention to the levels of certain chemicals in their bodies. Some track only blood cholesterol, while others carefully monitor iron, potassium, protein, and glucose levels in both their blood and urine. Periodic tests of blood and urine can prove a valuable tool in monitoring and treating conditions such as diabetes, anemia, and heart disease. Life Form's Chemistry page provides an easy way to track the results of your blood and urine tests. By copying the figures from your lab report into the appropriate items, you can create an accurate record of your body's chemistry. You can use this record to gain a better understanding of how your body works and to keep your medical providers informed of changes in your health.


The way you feel on any given day is the result of a wide variety of factors. Environmental conditions, physical symptoms, and psychological factors can all work together to determine whether you are happy or sad, tired or energetic. Life Form's Ratings page lets you track factors affecting your health and well-being so you can better understand the relationships between them. You can choose from the symptoms, habits, behaviors, and feelings included in the Ratings list or add your own. If you suffer from conditions such as migraines or ulcers, this is a great place to track them. After you track them for a while, you can see how they interact with your foods, your exercise, and even one another.


The History page lets you record a wide variety of information relating to your family's medical history. Presented in the form of a journal, it gives you a simple way to track doctor and dentist appointments, hospitalizations, illnesses, vaccinations, screening tests, medications, injuries, therapy, and any other information you believe important to your medical history. You can use the history you create to consult with your medical providers, seek second opinions, and track the course of your family members' individual medical conditions and treatments.


The information you record on Life Form's various pages can reveal important facts about you and your health. The Graphs page makes it easy to create graphs and reports that include data from different pages, so you can look for trends and view your progress.

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